KGS-Surface Grinder

Automatic Series

Saddle Traveling Type

  • Features:

    ● Three axes automatic surface grinder with small footprint.
    ● Castings are made of high quality ribbed cast iron, which have been tempered to achieve extreme rigidity.
    ● X&Y slide ways are laminated with Turcite-B, hand-scraped with sufficient lubrication. ( 250AHD with ball bearing table and D-2 (SKD-11) slide ways).
    ● The elevation guide ways (Z axis) are hand-scraped then secured to the column structure.
    ● The spindle is supported by CP4 preloaded super precision angular contact ball bearings. This will guarantee a maximum run-out of 2 microns for heavy duty, stable and accurate grinding.
    ● Separate hydraulic system with a specially designed valve enables smooth table reversing with a 26 meter/min table speed.
    ● Automatic lubricating system to ensure smooth and long lasting operation in all 3-axes.
    ● Automatic down-feed gearbox for accurate down-feed increment.
    ● Sizes available from ( 250~400 )mm by ( 500~800 )mm.