About KENT

Technology Creativity Reliability

Business Philosophy


Our mission is to maintain the highest levels of quality products and services, transform innovative ideas into values for our customers, shareholders and employees. We deliver benefits to customers, share profits with employees and contribute to national economic growth. Since the production of the first machine, KENT has worked hard for Taiwan's machinery industry. With the motto of "Technology", "Innovation" and "Reliability", we are committed to deliver superior products and high-valued services to customers under the most advanced technology trends. In addition, we offer unparalleled growth opportunities and welfare care for our employees. We contribute to the nation’s prosperity through creating benefits for deserved individuals.

  • Technology

    Advanced technology and quality improvement as the leader of mechanical industry.

  • Creativity

    Continuous invention, endless research and development.

  • Reliability

    All staffs strive untiringly, provide perfect goods and services in order to obtain confidence from customers.