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Quality Control System

Focus on customer: KENT is dedicated to deliver benefits and the highest satisfaction level to our customers. To support and achieve this goal, KENT has implemented a quality policy that is systematically applied and strictly controlled by KENT QC system. Our Quality Control Office is responsible for input material, components, trial operation and accuracy machine inspection before leaving factory, in order to ensure product quality to be strictly under controlled at any production stages. The system draws on knowledge and experience from our leading experts acquired around the world and all of the company’s resources for more than 50 years, along with the updated testing technology to deliver the best product to customers.


Customers: The agents, distributors, users and internal companies that the company serves according to the process, the next project is the customer of the upper project.

Profitable: When each unit of the company serves its customers, the servicer realizes the promised Q.C.D.S. so that the serviced person obtains efficiency or profit.